Next Dollar in Mock Settings

Using next dollar in mock settings is one way to begin instruction for community activities.

Here is one way to do this. Print off a variety of pictures and laminate them. Print/create price tags and laminate those as well. Don’t have time to find the pictures and price tags? We have done it for you. Check out this link for free downloadable pictures, including price tags and a scoring sheet.

products with price tags

On the price tags, write in the amount due for the product. This can be done using a dry erase marker, so it is easily changed or in a permanent marker to help prevent smearing.

For the next dollar activities in the classroom, I have pictures that could range in cost. These items are broken into groups: items under $5.00; items under $10.00; items under $15.00; and items under $20.00. This allows me to use the same activity with students of varying ability levels.

scoring sheet

Each student has their own scoring sheet. This scoring sheet notes each problem as “next dollar problem #1, #2,” etc, which allows me to make multiple copies of the same page and just add the different students’ names.

Using money is a critical skill for my students and your as well. These basic skills can begin in the classroom and move on into the community for the actual life skills approach. How do you teach next dollar? What are some of your strategies?

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