Communication, Communication, Communication

Our students each communicate in their own way. Maybe they speak to you verbally. Maybe communication is through cries or facial expressions. Regardless, students are communicating! We just have to be prepared to work with them on the modality they are most comfortable with.

Some of my students are verbal and communicate orally. Others use an app on an iPad. Some use a core board.

One of my students does not like to use her iPad or her core board. She prefers to be asked yes or no questions, so she can answer using sign language. She will, also, use communication cards for specific subjects. Therefore, I create communication cards for every (and I mean every) unit I teach. Communication cards for science: check. Communication cards for career areas: check. The list goes on.

Do you use any form of communication cards in your room? Would you like to? For those that would like to try it, let me know and I will make communication cards for areas you teach. All you need to do is email me the words you want on the card. I will put it together and send you the PDF for you to print and make copies.

Who just whispered “How much?” Currently, it is a free service. Just let me know what you need. At SpecialEdSimplified, we really do have the students in mind for everything we do!