Science and the Periodic Table

Science and the periodic table for students with moderate to severe disabilities. Some of the standards we are required to teach are extremely difficult. To assist my students, there are lots of visuals and hands-on activities. One wall has an enlarged periodic table (see featured image above) of the first 18 elements.

The bulletin board has the vocabulary words we are discussing listed. This makes for an easy review. Plus, each student receives a communication card. The card allows most of the students to participate when questions are being asked.

Most of my students have vocabulary goals in their IEP’s. The students are able to use the adapted book to practice when learning their new words and show mastery as the words are understood.

There are a couple file folder activities as well. One file folder is simply colored coded for the elements to be placed using Velcro. Another file folder is matching to allow students with more severe disabilities to participate.

Students use buttons and washers to sort to begin to understand how the periodic table is set up. Students create Bohr models by choosing different elements and using M&M’s. (It’s always great to be able to eat the activity in the end.) Students mix different chemicals to see elements bonding and reacting with each other. Plus more. Science is always fun, especially when you are actively involved!

What are some of the extras you use when teaching difficult concepts? Check out our website for a large variety of lessons. Click on this link to view this science lesson on the periodic table.