Social Studies and the Alternate Assessment

Social Studies and the Alternate Assessment. We have repeatedly been asked, “When are you creating activities for social studies?” The answer is now!

In this blog post, we will offer a preview of what is to come. We are hoping to have the activities ready by late August. I do want to note that this is only a preview. The documents/pictures in this post have not been edited yet, so if you notice an error just ignore it for now!

With elementary we are working on:

  • Cultures- Students get to travel to different locations and meet new characters from those countries. They will create their own passport for these destinations. Learn about their religion, food, clothing, and holidays.
  • Conflicts and Strategies- Students begin to learn about conflict and conflict resolutions. They work on different possible strategies such as cooperation, compromise, and communication. Students view different scenarios and determine the best method of handling the situation.
  • Government- Students begin understanding the different branches of government and their jobs. This is done on the national and local level.
  • US Geography- Check out the awesome resource map at the top of this blog that Christina made for this lesson! Students will use this map when understanding resources for different states. They will use tools like maps, charts, graphs, etc. Students will also begin to understand the major landforms, major bodies of water, weather, etc.

For middle school, we are working on:

  • Cause and Effect of History- This unit looks at how different events in history effect other events. One example would be, the Boston Tea Party is the cause and the Intolerable Acts are the effect.
  • Resolving Conflict- This is an expansion of the elementary standard.┬áStudents will continue understanding conflict and conflict resolutions. They will work on different possible strategies such as cooperation and compromise. Students view different scenarios and determine the best method of handling typical situations.
  • Government- Students begin to understand the rights and responsibilities of being a citizen. They, also, look into the duties of a citizen and a basic understanding of our government.
  • Geography Earth- While working on this unit, students use maps, charts, graphs, and more to begin to understand different locations on the Earth’s surface.

In high school, we are working on:

  • Supply and Demand- Students begin to understand how different factors can influence supply and demand.
  • Cultures and Historical Perspectives- This standard is lots of fun! Students look at the Early Modern, Mid Modern, Contemporary 1, and Contemporary 2 eras. They will dive into multiple wars, Martin Luther King, Jr, Christopher Columbus and more.
  • Government- Students continue working on the branches of government and the distribution of powers.
  • Changes Around the World- Students will discover many challenges from the second half of the 20th century in countries around the world. They will also determine and discuss how those challenges were addressed.

The activities we are creating are labeled per grade level, but can be incorporated at any level! I am super excited to do the US Geography unit that Christina created in my high school classroom. If you have other questions, just post them here. We will answer as soon as possible.