Change is Good, Right?

Today was a very difficult day for me. I have decided to resign my position at Powell County High School and begin a new journey at Montgomery County High School. Change is good, right? I have taught for 21 years and the last 16 of those years have been in Powell County. This change will take some adjusting time!

I sent out letters to all of my parents on Monday. I turned in my keys today and was doing pretty good with leaving until one of our school janitors, Lisa, started to cry. Don’t do that! This is so hard!

I took a picture of the school and put the simple note: “Bye PoCo! It’s been fun!” Then, I sent it to several of my teacher friends through snapchat. Finally, I posted the picture on Facebook.

Reading the many comments was enlightening.

They helped me to realize I have made a difference!

My kiddos and parents have shown their love and support.

Parents are threatening to follow me!

Even some of my previous peer tutors had heartwarming things to say!

So change is good. It is time to move on.

A new school year, new students, and new beginnings. Let’s get started!