New Room Set


We are always trying improve the way we are teaching at our school. WHY? Because we strive to serve our students in the best way possible. So we have some ideas on how we would like to structure our classroom next school year. After some deliberation, we have come up with the ideal classroom setup for our bunch of kids to prepare them for a life after high school as well as employment opportunities. We still have to go through the proper channels of approval, but I am hopeful that we can make it happen.

This is how I would like my room to be set up.  




The purpose is to increase work skills (including but not limited to assembly, sorting, packaging, and filing) and behaviors (including but not limited to perseverance at task, advocating for themselves, following job expectations, and teamwork) appropriate for employment after graduation.

Living Room

The living room serves multiple purposes. For one it gives a space for students to engage in social and/or downtime activities. Students often struggle with what to do during their unstructured leisure time. In addition the space can be used to practice maintenance skills (dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning up clutter).


The kitchen first and foremost serves as a classroom area for teaching food preparation skills (included but not limited to measuring, weighing, cutting, mixing, use of utensils, and use of appliances) and behaviors (primarily sanitary and safety procedures).


The bathroom is used to teach students how to independently take care of their personal needs and to advocate for themselves when they need help. In addition it can be used for teaching maintenance skills (wiping the sink, rinsing the shower, emptying the trash, and sweeping or mopping the floors)


The bedroom space is our new sensory room. It will be used to teach bed making skills, when not being utilized for students’ sensory needs.

I will update and send some more pictures once we put our plan into action.