Differentiation within already Differentiated Curriculum

We at SpecialEdSimplified create curriculum on two different levels to allow as many students to participate as possible. We want all students to gain access to the content. But sometimes only two levels of differentiation is not enough.

I am working on congruence and similarity with my high school students. It is one of the standards that we have to cover in Tennessee at the high school level. In Kentucky students work on this standard during their middle school career.

While working with my students, I realized that we needed more differentiation in the already differentiated curriculum. Sometimes it is as easy as putting some boxes on the paper to allow the student to write their own numbers. The student that needed the plain boxes had problems writing the numbers on top of each other. A simple problem of not being able to produce a piece of writing with spatial components.


Another student did not know where to pull the numbers from. The fix for this one was easy as well. We color coded the boxes to help him realize where the numbers were coming from.

Even though we strive to allow access for a lot of our students, one way of differentiation does not help all students. We as their teachers, know best what the students need and how they will learn the curriculum at hand.