Special Education: We Love Our Job!

We love our job and it shows! We work with students with disabilities. It is our job, but special education is so much more! I have created multiple posts on the monthly transition activities between the middle school and the high school. Here is another one. This post is not going to go over all of the wonderful things my students did while on this trip. This is a bragging rights post! It is to show how wonderful the people are I work with.


In October, we went to the pumpkin patch. While there, a lady approached one of my assistants to rave about how well everyone interacted. (Of course, we already knew this!) We had talked about this lady and all of her positive comments. Then, the topic came up again before we went swimming. The people I work with are the best. This lady, Leighanna, was able to see just how great they are.

On these trips, someone is always amazed that we make sure all students get to participate. Of course everyone participates! That is the point of the whole excursion. Leighanna was amazed to see all students included, regardless of their disability. While swimming, more than one student had to have one-on-one the entire time. We were able to bring enough adults, because my school district is also great, to ensure this was possible.


I found out the ladies name in a bit of an unusual way. She was so thrilled to see how my “staff worked with my students and LOVED them!” Leighanna tracked me down through Facebook to continue to rave about what she saw. She wanted to take my adults home with her. She wanted to see this love for students in all schools. She wanted it for her child.

My team works with all students. They ensure monitoring is completed. My team works in the general education setting and modifies assignments so students are able to go to different classes. My team does so much more than work in special education. Good luck assembling such a team. I plan on keeping mine!

FYI: We went to the Georgetown Pavilion for this activity. It is a wonderful place to go! They are so accommodating and really want to make sure all of the kids enjoy the trip. It you have the opportunity, it is definitely worth the trip!