Community Based Instruction: CBI Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Another yearly CBI trip we participate in is to visit a local pumpkin patch. Recently, we went to the Two Sisters Pumpkin Patch in Mt. Sterling, KY. This place was great! We were able to take the wheelchairs through the corn maze and the wagon ride to select pumpkins was also wheelchair accessible. When taking a CBI trip with three wheelchairs and other students that have difficulty walking, we have to make sure our destination is accessible for everyone. This place fit the bill!

This CBI trip was multifaceted. It was also a transition trip. In my district, once a month the high school and middle school classes go on a CBI trip together. The purpose of this outing is to allow the middle school students to become better acquainted with the high school teachers, students, and assistants. It makes for a much easier transition when those kiddos come over to the high school.


While we were at the pumpkin patch, the students were able to walk through a small animal petting zoo, a corn maze, and go on a wagon ride. Each of these events proved to be a lot of fun. Petting the animals is always a favorite! We did manage to get out of the corn maze after getting turned around three or four times. We all now know not to follow Ms. Brandenburg anymore!


While we were on the wagon ride, the students were able to get off and select a pumpkin. I was trying to take pictures and hang on to a student, so I was unable to look for a pumpkin. One of my boys volunteered to select my pumpkin for me. He brought back what some dubbed the ‘Cinderella pumpkin.’ He told me that he just picked an awesome pumpkin for an awesome teacher. Yep, that boy is definitely getting an ‘A!’