Annual Open House and Cake Auction Fundraiser

It is almost open house time again! Each year, we host our annual open house during the school day in our classroom. For the past few years, we have added the cake auction as a fundraiser. This will be our 15th Annual Classroom Open House. I am really excited! Fifteen years ago, a new section was built on to the high school. In that section, a new classroom for me and my students was included. After moving in and setting up, we decided to have an open house to show off the new room and express our appreciation. Now, the classroom open house is a yearly event everyone looks forward to. The open house has a different theme each year. We have had a 50’s theme, a luau with an actual roasted pig, winter wonderland, and lots more. Everyone has a lot of fun. Although, it takes much preparation before the big event!


We turn this event into a big career preparation unit. The first step is applying for a job. The students can apply for a position on one of the following crews: cleaning, decorating, cooking, or public relations. The positions are posted and explained. The students will then select a job. After the job selection, the student must complete a letter of application, a job application, and a resume. There are multiple forms of applications for the students to complete. A sample is attached to this link. There is also a sample letter of application that can be found at this link. Students use the templates in Word to create resumes. (Although, last school year we started creating video resumeswhich you may find beneficial.) 

Once these items are complete, students fill out envelopes to mail the documents to me at the school. This allows for a Community Based Instruction (CBI) outing to learn more on the workings of the local post office.

When the applications are received at the high school, interviews are set up. Each student is given a calendar. I will go to another room and call each student to schedule his or her interview. This becomes more difficult with nonverbal students. The classroom assistant will put the phone on speaker and assist in scheduling the interview. The date and time are, then, noted on the calendar.


There is lots of preparation work before the actual interview. Students work on basic interview questions and how to answer them. Some students practice answering questions by using a communication device or a single switch. Other students complete information cards and practice using those cards. The students will mark off each day on the calendar watching for their interview date. Appropriate dress is also discussed during this time. Students learn what they can and cannot wear to an interview.  This is an exciting event!