Text Messages: Sometimes the Smallest Things Mean the Most

Text messages to and from parents.

One thing we try to do a lot of in my classroom is to communicate with parents. This may be done through notes home, phone calls, text messages, and a variety of other methods. (In August, I wrote a post on different ways I communicate with parents. If you are interested in reading that post visit this link on communication.) Another thing we like to do is enjoy learning about and exploring our community.

Our recent farm trip was one example of communicating with parents while enjoying the Community Based Instruction (CBI) outing. During this trip, the students had a great time. It was educational and fun! We, also, took a lot of pictures! (The goal is for these pictures to become a classroom bulletin board.) Of course, I sent some of these pictures, via text message, to parents. I put little captions on the pictures to let the parents know what was going on during that time in the trip. My parents love this! I constantly receive the request to send more pictures. Just in case you are curious, I only send pictures to parents with their child in it. If multiple students happen to be sharing the moment together, those pictures are not sent. They are only for us to enjoy at school.

After sending some of these pictures, I received a short but sweet text from a parent.

“You all take such good care of him. Thank you bunches!!!!”

Such a simple comment, but it means so much to me and my co-workers. The care of the students is our top priority. Messages like this are like a pat on the back. Thank you Regina for that text. It means a great deal to all of us that get to work each day with your son!