Organizing an IEP Binder for Parents

While scrolling through Facebook, I found a great video for parents on organizing an IEP binder for their child. This binder will have six different sections:

  • communication

  • evaluation

  • IEP

  • report cards

  • sample work

  • behavior data.

The communication section is for contact information between parents and the school. An informational log on names and contact numbers for services available at the school could be included in this area. Parents could keep contact letters, copies of school newsletters, and other items in this section.

The evaluation section would house all things related to the evaluation. It would also include a copy of the written report.

Next, the IEP section. This section could store a copy of the procedural safeguards, the IEP, meeting notices, and other documents relevant to the student’s IEP.

Then, the report card section. In this area, parents would be able to store student report cards and progress reports.

In the sample work area, parents could include school work completed by their student. Parents would be able to note areas of concern on the work. The work samples could also show student progress on different skills.

Finally, the behavior section of the IEP binder. A copy of the school code of conduct book should be kept here. This area should also include the child’s behavioral intervention plan, if he/she has one. Disciplinary notices should be stored here as well.

With this being said, my goal for the remainder of the year is to create one of these binders for each of my parents. I will assemble the binder as I prepare for the upcoming meeting. Then give the completed binder to them during the student’s annual meeting. The parents will be able to continuously add the new information from each meeting.

*Note the picture of the binder is from SymbolStix.