Simple Science Experiments Teaching about Erosion

When working on the required science standards, science experiments are a fun and educational to do it. In my classroom, we have been working on understanding water. Our latest experiments have been conducted around erosion. The only preparation I really did was to bring in a tub and some sand. The other needed items were already in my classroom.


We completed a variety of experiments, while working on erosion. First, the students created a mountain using the sand and blew on it using straws. This was to show how even a light wind erodes land.

Then, a beach was created. One of the students used a plastic sheet to move the water back and forth to show how water erodes the beach.

Next, the students created a river through the sand. Rocks were placed next to the river bed and water was poured down the river. This showed the students how the river erodes the land, but the rocks also help hold it in place. Finally, the students created another mountain with the sand. We placed rocks and trees (toothpicks) in the sand. The students used a spray bottle (rain) to erode the mountain. The mountain without the rocks and trees eroded much faster than the mountain with the rocks and trees.

To assist with understanding erosion, the students also watched a video by Study Jams on erosion.

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