Plant Cells and Animal Cells in the Special Education Classroom

In our science classroom, we strive to cover the same curriculum that the general education teachers are working on in Biology 1. Currently, we are working on the make up of plant and animal cells. We do a lot of different activities to teach them all of the cell parts and their functions.

In the very beginning, the students color the cell parts. All students use the same colors for the same cell parts. All illustrations that we use throughout this unit, incorporate the same color scheme.

Some of the students (our seniors) have been working on these standards for 4 years and it comes very easy to them. They are able to recall the names of the parts from last year. The freshmen, on the other hand, need a little bit more time. The students are introduced to microscopes during this unit as well. They use them to look at the plant cells.

This year, the students created a bulletin board that was a huge cell. The students enjoyed the lesson. The bulletin board is now used to review the parts of a plant before we start each day.

We have done many different activities in the past. From creating a cell in a  ziplock bag to mr-plant-cella cake with candy on it representing the parts of a cell. The students enjoy each one of those activities.

Mrmr-animal-cell. Plant Cell and Mrs. Animal Cell were created after being inspired on Pinterest. The students absolutely loved putting them together. As the students placed the parts of the cells on the construction paper, we talked about the functions. (The cute little shoes were an added extra!!) We actually placed these cells in the hall way to show all other students in the building what we work on!


We have also created a few edible cells. One of them was made with cake and candy, and the other one with vegetables.

cake-cell plant-cell-food