Restructuring of Task Boxes – Work in Progress 2

Restructuring task boxes is quiet a big task. I started switching it up when school started, but the everyday crazy of the regular school day does not allow much time to focus on it. I try to incorporate some of the work into a lesson. I was able to do that this week.

I decided that I want to rework my task boxes.  As a part of that I want create a “fake” grocery store. But I needed lots of empty boxes. I asked all teachers to send in any empty packaging they might have at their house. It didn’t take me very long, before I collected a lot of empty food containers. I was able to go through them and decide which ones worked best for us. I also wanted multiple boxes of the same food item to create a more realistic store set up.


Since there is no time during the school day to work on setting up my new store, I made a lesson out of it and worked on it with the students. I have two big silver shelves. I showed an item to the students and they had to determine whether or not this particular item needed to go on a shelf or in the fridge/freezer. It was very interesting to see how little knowledge my students had about

1. which items needed refrigeration and
2. which items were found on a shelf.

After we sorted all items on the shelves, we priced them. The next step for me is to create shopping lists, set up a bagging area, and a cash register. I want the students to go through the entire process of grocery shopping. I am hoping to teach each of my students each aspect of the shopping process to help them get a job once they leave high school.Christina-signature