Fair Week + Crafts = Lots of Fun

This week was Fair Week in Powell County. It proves to be a week full of fun, games, activities, a parade, arts and crafts, and much more. During this time you will see much of this small community pull together to make sure everything is set for fun! Of course students visit the fair to ride the rides, eat, and play the games. There are also many fun activities occurring during fair week for them to participate in. A few local favorites are the ‘greasy pig’ contest, the parade, and the Miss Powell County contest. All three pull in large crowds. (During the greasy pig contest, parents enter their children to see who can catch the greasy pig the quickest. This one is hilarious!) Many pictures and videos are always posted on different social media sites from parents showing the activities their kids participated in along with any ribbons received. Plus, there is no school on the Friday of Fair Week for the parade. It’s a win-win situation!


One of my favorite parts of Fair Week is the arts and crafts competition through the local 4-H. There are many different categories for participation, and the students really enjoy making different items to put on display. We work with the students for two to three weeks assisting them in preparing different projects to be entered in the competition. Each student tries to make three to four items for entry in the different categories. (Crafty Carol, one of my assistants, is in charge during this time. I am not creative.) Some of the projects entered consist of students using a bingo dobber to create a picture to a still life image to a snowman made using a sock and rice. The work is the student’s work and completed on their ability level.


 All craft projects are put on display in the exhibit hall. We always take a CBI trip to the fair grounds to view the displays. Students can then walk through the exhibit hall to see their crafts and the ribbon it earned. One of the student’s project qualified to go on to the state fair that will be held next summer. She is very proud of this accomplishment.

Do your classrooms participate in community activities like this? Let us know what you do!