Classroom Cooking while Learning a Vocation

Since we were late starting CBI this year, we had a late start to classroom cooking as well. Last week was our first cooking experience in the classroom this school year. During this activity, a twist was added. Between me and the other high school teacher, we have a total of 15 students. Six are new freshman, plus two move-ins from another county, and seven returning students. With this new group of students, cooking became a challenge.

In this classroom cooking activity, we had all students participating. There were two cooks, two students at the drink preparation station, two waitresses with one assistant, two on clean-up, and two supervisors (the others were not in the room/at school). The vocation that was focused on was waitress.


Both of my waitresses had order pads. It was their job to check with each student in the classroom to determine their order. Students could have a grilled cheese and red or blue Kool Aid. The waitresses had to divide the students up, so the same student wasn’t asked twice. Then, they began to take orders. This proved to be very complicated. Some students were left out but none were asked twice. The waitress would write down the student’s name, cheese (if they wanted the sandwich), and the color of the Kool Aid. They loved doing this. Then, the waitresses thought they were finished. I explained to them that they were not on break. It was their job to serve the sandwiches and the correct drink. Next, they had to follow up with the customers. “Is your sandwich good?” “Do you need a refill?” Do you need extra napkins?”

Although the tasks were difficult, everyone did a great job. For future classroom cooking, we will begin adding classroom money for payment and tipping. Not yet. We are not ready! If you are interested in a copy of the food lab for grilled cheese, it is a downloadable link at the bottom of this page.

Questions? Suggestions? Let me know!

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