Video Resume for Nonverbal and other Students

During the previous school year, I was introduced to the subject of a video resume and loved it! This being said, I decided to create a video resume with one of my students. (Due to personal information, I cannot post his video for readers to preview but will answer questions sent.) To create this resume, we started with my student entering the room and shaking hands with another person. This took lots of practice before we were even ready to begin videoing. When the videoing started, another male student did the voice over. For example when Student entered the room to shake hands, my voice over student said, “Hi. My name is…” This was the introduction for his video resume.


During the video, the voice over student would read information as it appeared in the video. For example, I typed up the address and contact phone numbers and took a short video clip of those items. My voice over student read those as they appeared in the video. Next, there was a picture of the front of the high school. My voice over student stated that, “I went to Powell County High School.” He included other things such as the years of attendance and he would be graduating in May 2016 with an Alternate Diploma.


The next section of the video was the work experience. I had a typed up a page of the information. My voice over student would read the information. The voice over student would say, “One of my jobs as a clerk at EZ Stop was to stock the drinks.” While this was being read, there was a video of my student stocking the drinks. This was done with each area of employment to show the student completing various jobs.

Once the video was completed, there was still work to do. The next important step was to practice mock interviews with my student. We practiced entering the room and shaking hands with the interviewer. Then, he would place his iPad on the table and start the video for his interview. We put a lot of work into the video resume and interview techniques his final year of high school to help in preparation for employment. The skills were versatile and the final product was very functional

If you are interested, I used the app iMovie to complete the finished product. How do you prepare verbal and nonverbal students for the world of work and job interviews? Suggestions?