Those Who Care Teach- That is what my keychain says

Today’s blog post was going to be about how I have set up vocational job tasks in the classroom. Plus, how excited I am about seeing the student’s progress when completing these jobs. Well, I changed my mind. Today’s thought for this post is Those Who Care Teach.

We have been back to school for about three weeks. During this time, it has been an extremely busy time adjusting to all the changes. There are more students, an additional teacher, and a new assistant in the high school moderate to severe classroom setting. Many, many changes. Each day has seen me staying until 5:00 or later trying to ensure everything is charted in the student folders and activities are prepared for the following day.

Like all teachers, I worry about student progress and understanding. Students are with me for their final years of high school. Have I prepared them to be as independent as possible? Can they find jobs and pay their bills? Do they understand compassion for others? Have I done all that I can do? These questions are constantly swirling in my mind. Then this happens:

“I have a gift for you, but I forgot it at home,” says one of my boys.

“No worries,” I told him even though I am extremely curious.

We have this conversation multiple times. Until today. Today made all the bad days good. Today was fabulous!

“I remembered your gift,” he says as he lays a key chain in my hand.

My worries were eased today. Such a simple gift. So much meaning.

Today I realized that I must be doing something right. Today I was told that Those Who Care Teach.

I care. Therefore, I teach. What a remarkable day!