Getting Prepared for Community Based Instruction

After all students have completed and had a parent to sign the permission slips for Community Based Instruction (CBI), we will begin a huge piece of instruction.  The preparation work has already started to get ready to take students out for CBI. Lists of community resources have been compiled. Possible skills to work on have been developed. Documents for scoring students in the community are ready.

Everything started with a list. (That is typical!) I created a list of possible sites within our community for students to explore while on CBI. As the year progresses, businesses are added and removed from the list. The purpose of CBI is to make students aware of what is available within their community and how to access those businesses. For students to understand how to access the businesses, there must be goals set while on CBI. Therefore, my list also includes a list of possible skill sets to be worked on in the different locations. For example Kroger: students will determine the different items we plan to cook in the classroom. Then, they will create lists. Finally, we will go out to purchase those items. (I have a classroom account set up to cover the cost of the items purchased.)

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 9.30.03 PM

While on Community Based Instruction, students are scored on a variety of things: social/communication, duties performed; attitude; initiative; and following directions. Frequently the students will also have lists to complete. Their list is also a high priority on grading. Using a scoring sheet, such as the picture, makes grading the students progress easy. (Note: I am not sure who created the original scoring sheet. I completed minimal modifications to it for CBI.)

Are you prepared for CBI? Do you have a scoring sheet to recommend to others?

For additional information on Community Based Instruction, check out an earlier post that can be found at this link. You can also download the scoring guide and make changes to meet the needs of your classroom.