Behavior Sheets in the Special Education Classroom

Behavior Sheets in the Special Education Classroom are a must. I have a few students in my classroom with Behavior Management Plans. We had to come up with an efficient way to monitor the students behavior. To do that, we created a sheet that logs his behavior on a period to period basis, as well as the entire week. His parents integrated the school behavior sheet with their reward system at home, so it was important to give quick updates at the end of the day as well as a total for the end of the week.

This student can earn three points each class period.

  1. Completing Assignments

  2. Following Teacher Instructions

  3. Following Classroom Rules

To provide more motivation, the student can earn computer time throughout the day if he has earned a certain amount of checks. Each day this student can earn 24 points total. In order to get a computer break at lunch time, he has to have at least 9/12 checks for the morning. If this student earns all points, he gets an extra 10 minutes of computer time in the morning before school starts.

It is very important that the entire staff working with students on a behavior management plan use the same judgement on whether a student should receive credit for a period or not. This allows no room for negotiation and makes the day run smoother.

The computer is a very motivating activity for this student. Each student has a different motivators.

Another one of my students is working towards earning time in the general education classroom. This students behavior impacted her day in such a significant way, that we could not allow the student to participate in the general education classroom unless the behavior was under control. We used the same system for this student as we did with the other student, just different rewards.

What type of behavior charts do you use to stay on top of rewards?