Family and Consumer Science Class or The Life Skills Class

My students love to participate in the Family and Consumer Science Classes or better known as the ‘cooking class’ or the ‘baby class’ or ‘that life skills class.’ When we begin working on scheduling, this is always one of their favorites. It’s a favorite of mine too! I work with some great teachers that are modifying work for my students. Plus, the classes are set up to help my students to be successful. Although with the severity of some of the students, I created a work binder that a classroom assistant can take with them to class.

life skills 4

There are multiple life skills activities in the binder: Healthy Plate, the Food Pyramid, Sewing, Cooking Items, Caring for Baby, and Microwave. These have been printed on card stock and laminated. Then I placed the activities in a 3-ring binder for easy transportation.

life skills3

The worksheets ask questions such as “Which items can go in the microwave?” “Which items can you use to take care of a baby?” There is a sheet with pictures of the items for matching. There is another worksheet with open place holders to velcro in pictures of the items the student chooses. This allows for differentiation of the activity. Students with more severe difficulties can match to the picture options on the page or just match to the large picture at the top of the page. Other students can select the appropriate pictures to add to the sheet. All of the cut out choices and activity sheets are laminated and have Velcro. The choice pieces are kept in a pencil pouch inside the binder.

life skills2

I want my students participating and interacting in their general education classes. I also want them working on basic life skills and making progress on different objectives. The life skills classes along with these activities help meet all these needs. With these activities, students are working on matching skills, using their communication device, and work completion tasks. Another benefit is the activities are age appropriate and coincide with the curriculum being taught in the general education setting.

If you are interested in downloading these free activities, just click on this link to visit our website!