Core Content Units for Students with Special Needs

In most states, students with moderate to severe disabilities must have access and complete assessments based on core content. SpecialEdSimplified has created many units based on elementary, middle, and high school required core content for students with special needs. These units are available in the areas of math, reading, writing, and science. The goal of these units is to assist teachers in teaching the material. It is our version of a ‘text book’ (or you may call it a downloadable PDF) for special education. Like with all text books, the material is available but the teacher is still a must to instruct on the standard and provide additional activities/examples as needed.


When I teach one of the units, I begin by printing out the material and hole punching it. I insert the unit into a 3-ring binder. I do this for each of my students. This is their book for class. My students are so use to this, the first thing they do (those that are physically capable) upon entering the room for this class is to get their book off the shelf. Having everything preprinted and in binders really assists with organization. It also makes it easy to reprint an activity and insert it into the binder, if I need to reteach it. I also have the extra activities printed and ready, like the vocabulary cards, bulletin board pictures, and the folder work.


These core content activities are created on two levels for differentiation to assist the teacher in teaching the material. The information available on the different levels is the same. It just has a different set up. Our goal is to make it more accessible to more students.



The material for our Dimension B students has additional picture prompts along with cut outs for making choices. The teacher I am working with has taken small dry erase boards and affixed three small pieces of tacky putty. She places the three choices on the board and holds the board up for the students to make their selection. It is easier for the students to make a selection and allows my colleague to reuse it.


How do you teach the required core content to your students with special needs? What do you do to ensure students with more severe disabilities have access? If you are interested in viewing some free sample activities from our SES website, click on this link! Check out our YouTube video to see how I have set up a unit in my classroom. Let us know if you have any questions!