Independent Math Work

Sometimes it is very challenging to come up with math activities students can work on independently. But it is even harder to come up with these type of activities when the student is not able to write. I wanted each student to be able to work on some type of activity independently.


This is the first step when I start on this series. The student has to type in the problem. In the beginning this happens hand over hand. We gradually fade the prompting until we get to the point that the student can complete a set independently. Since these students are not able to write, I attached answer choices with velcro. This example has two choices.  I laminated all cards.

Some students are able to complete only 5 and others can fly through twenty in 10 minutes. I try to catch them before they undo the problems to get a percentage of their completed activity.


This picture shows a student on another level. She is working on Subtraction problems with 3 answer choices. Her number ranges from 0-10.

This concept can be tailored to the needs of each student.

Would love to hear other ideas on creating independent math work for students that cannot write.