We have to incorporate many things into our daily schedule:

  • Common Core – Math

  • Common Core – Reading

  • Common Core – Writing

  • Functional Reading

  • Functional Math

  • Science

  • Life Skills

  • Vocational Skills

  • Job Skills

This list does not even include the time the students need to eat their lunch, brush their teeth, and clean up their work area.

Before starting this year, I sat down and created, like many of you, the outline for a schedule for this school year.

Since we are required to teach so much common core, I dedicate one class period to common core. I then switch them up.

Below is the schedule that my students and I will follow this school year.



My students go out to a related arts class during first period. My entire second period is dedicated to common core. During my third period, we do reading. I use the start to finish library from Don Johnson. I love it and the students do as well. Our first book will be Sacagawea. During our 4th period, we do Biology. Then the students each their lunch. Afterwards they start working on vocational skills in the form of vocational task boxes. In my 7th period, we have Cougar Cafe. We started last year to bake and cook things and sell them to the school. All students love it, and it is really nice to see my students interact with the general education population. My last period we do math. We work on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, money, using the calculator, and any other math goal you could imagine to be on an IEP goal.

What does your schedule look like? Do you dedicate a class period to teaching common core?