First Day Back for Students

Today was our first day for students. What a day! It was a typical first day back in that their schedules were not completely finished. Plus, my classroom assistants schedules were not completely finished. Although, I had a plan of action on how to make the day a success for the students, my classroom assistants, and myself. Did I mention that we had to hire a second high school teacher to work with me, since my caseload had increased in size so much? Oh, we also had to hire a new classroom assistant. The real adventure for the day was that we had five students transition into my classroom from the middle school and an additional three students moved into the district. We are a small district. Adding this many students was huge for us!

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 9.40.08 PM

Now my plan of action. I decided to keep the majority of the students in my room today in order to allow time to correct the schedules and give them a little adjustment period. Throughout the day we worked on several different activities. We started the day with MobyMax to begin math level assessments. Different students rotated through the computer stations to work on this activity.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 9.51.06 PM

We also worked on transition planning. I purchased a bundled transition planning activity from the TeachersPayTeachers website. It included a no reading set of questions as well as the reading set. This went great! Students were participating and answering the questions in a reliable manner.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 9.55.14 PM

The next activity we worked on was the San Diego Quick Assessment. This assists in determining reading level. I put the words on index cards. Then go through the cards with the students to find a baseline for reading for my new students as well as to assess what was maintained over the summer for my returning students.

We were not able to complete all of these activities and will continue tomorrow. I am very pleased with the progress we made today. Activities were planned and the students did great! If you are interested in anything mentioned in this blog, I did attached links. Check everything out and let me know how your first day back goes!