IEP at a Glance Drive Through Event UPDATE

We had our IEP at a Glance Drive Through Signing Event today. Prior to the meeting, we created a flow chart, so everybody would know what to do. The flow chart worked very well and did not leave any room for misinterpretation for the general education teacher.


Step 1
Go to station 1 and locate your folders.

Step 2
Grab your folders

Step 3
Locate the caseload manager on the manila folder and go to his/her station.

Step 4
Get the IEP at a Glance, put it in your folder. In the case managers folder sign the signature page.


After getting feedback from a few teachers, I have to say, that this event was a success.

Moving forward, I would add one step into the process. Each inclusion teacher made folders for their students, so there were several folders for the same teacher. To organize and make it easier on the general education teachers, I would want to have one manila folder for each general education teacher labeled in advance and sorted in alphabetical order. Then the special education teachers can put their manila folders into the prepared folder.

All in all, everything went well. We will do it again next year!

Here is a the PDF of the flow chart and the table set up: Drive Through Signing Event Blog