Transition Assessment


When working on transition, we have to cover many different areas to prepare our students for life after high school. There are 9 transition domains we work on in our classroom during some time of their school career.


To work even more effectively on these skills, it is important to figure out where the students are.

During my training we split into groups and presented on different transition assessments. Here is the list of the transition assessment tools presented during our training:

1. TPI – Transition Planning Inventory

2. O*NET Career Interest Inventory

(I really liked the O*Net career inventories. I think they would be very beneficial for a little higher functioning students)

3. O*NET Career Values Inventory

4. Transition Behavior Scale

5. Enderle Severson

6. Supports Intensity Scale

7. Reading Free Vocational Interest Inventory

8. Brigance

Our district wants us to do some form of transition assessment in order to effectively write a transition goal.

Like all of you, our first question was, when do you expect us to do that? It is not like we don’t have anything else to do!

Our coordinator had a good suggestion. She said to do these types of tests at the beginning of the school year. The students are not sure yet which classes to go to and have some ‘free’ time in the beginning and an assessment could fill this time. This will give us the needed documentation for an IEP and baseline data.

I am actually going to do the Transition Behavior Scale. It was not a very lengthy assessment, but provides goals for each area of deficit. I am very excited to try it out.