IEP- At – A Glance

How to get all regular education teachers, teaching assistants, and inclusion teachers to sign off on the IEP that they are aware of the accommodations listed on the IEP page?

We are trying something new at our school this week. All teachers had to create some manila folders for the general education teacher, for the inclusion teachers, and for the teaching assistants. It will end up being a ‘drive through’ signing event before school even starts.

Here is how it works:

   1. Take one manila folder and write the name of the teacher and the case manager on the front.


2.  Open the manila folder and list all the periods/ blocks.


3.  Check your students schedules and write down the names of your students that the teacher has during the day.

At the drive through signing event, the teachers will know to come by your table and pick up the IEP-At-A-Glance that lists all of the accommodation on the IEP along with IEP goals. The teacher will collect all IEP’s at a glance and sign the case managers paperwork.

This face-to-face will also allow the case manager to talk to the students teacher about possible issues before classes start.

Repeat this process until you have gone through all of your caseloads schedule.