Adapted Books

Most of my high school students love to read or to be read to, and I love this! Years ago, my speech/language pathologist told me to read to my students daily, so I did. Now, it is very apparent how much my kiddos’ vocabulary and language skills have improved from this fun activity. The improvement in skills all begins with reading just for enjoyment. That is what we are trying to do with this adapted book series. We are hoping students will find the books enjoyable and interesting and want to read more and more! I want my students to develop an appreciation of reading, which begins with finding something of interest on their reading level.

We developed seven different titles in these adapted books. The titles are:

  • Famous Artists
  • Instruments
  • Famous Presidents
  • Famous Writers
  • Geography
  • Planets
  • Plants


As you can tell from the titles, we tried to hit on different topics to gain the attention and peek the curiosity of more students. My students’ interest levels vary greatly. Our goal, at SpecialEdSimplified, is to reach more and more students. We want them learning and advancing their skills, while still enjoying the activity. Therefore, these books can be used as informational or pleasure reading.


In my classroom, I printed each of the pages in color and laminated them. I, then, made binders for each book. The books have only 2 – 3 sentences per page, with a large picture to assist the student in comprehending what is being read. The pages also have 2 – 3 comprehension questions per page, and there is a place to insert the answer. I have different students using the books in different ways. Some of my students read the books independently and answer the questions. Others need the book and questions read to them. Still others may be matching the smaller answer choice picture to the larger picture on the page. It all depends on the student. To help keep up with the answer choices, I printed the answer pages twice. One copy of answers is laminated and inserted in the back of the book. The other copy of answers was cut out, laminated, and cut out again. Velcro was added to the back of the cutouts and to the top of the answer choice pages. That allows me to store the answers in the back of the book. (See the picture above.)

Do your students enjoy reading? How do you help grow this interest? If you are interested in learning more about our adapted books, click on this link to visit our store. You can also view our YouTube video below! If you have any questions, post them here or drop me an email!