First-Then Boards

First then boards are some of the simplest ways to create a schedule for students with autism and other disabilities.

You are telling the student “you first have to do this to get access to thisI am working for.” In the beginning you only want to ask for the completion of one simple task. This will help the student to understand that if he/she does what is required, then they will get access to their preferred activity/item. Some students like the activities/items to be switched up, other students want the same thing over and over again. One of my students is actually working for a cup of water! EASY enough, right?

Another student works with reward tokens. In the beginning we used a board with two tokens and we worked our way up to 5 tokens. When I am about to finish an activity I sometimes only require this student to clap her hands in order to receive a token. With this particular student it is all about following directions.

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