Do I Have Enough?

Do I have enough money? This concept can be one of our more challenging skills to teach. Students often have difficulty understanding the complexity of money. When working on this concept, we use many different teaching tools to benefit the learner. Number lines are typically great! Using a number line allows us to show the end amount needed. Then we can ‘walk’ the dollar bills across the numbers on the number line to see if we can get to or surpass the final amount.


We typically begin working with this skill in a mock setting. It can be something as simple as setting up a variety of items to create a mock store and giving each item a price tag. Students can then take their number line with them into the mock setting to determine if they have enough money to make the purchase. Initially, we begin with using whole dollar amounts. As the student’s skills improve, we add in change to the amount due. If you are lucky enough to have some type of school store in your building, this is a great opportunity to practice generalization of the skill.


Do I have Enough? offers basic skill sets to determine how well the student is able to understand the strategy being taught. It is simply circling, stamping, or otherwise determining the correct answer.


The final worksheets in this packet also look at next dollar. Students will determine the next dollar amount of each product and then determine if he or she has enough money to make the purchase.

In my classroom, I have printed the entire product in color then laminated each sheet and placed it in a binder with an attached marker. This allows the students to practice as much as they want and simply wipe off the answers for the next student to use. If you are interested in Do I Have Enough?, you can click on this link for additional information.