Coin Recognition

Money is a very hard concept for our students. My daughter is five, and she is still more excited about 4 pennies than one quarter. Young minds don’t understand the value behind the coins. I am sure a lot of you can relate to how difficult it is to teach the value of money. In the beginning, I only work on money recognition. I don’t put an emphasis on the value yet. I want them to know their coins before adding that dimension to it.

I have a student with autism who I was trying to transition to working a little bit more on worksheets, but he still needed to touch something. Therefore, I created this coin recognition activity for him that I store in a binder for him. Each one of the coins has velcro on it, so the finished work product looks like a worksheet.


This picture shows the coin storage.

The entire unit is scaffolded. In the beginning the student only has toIMG_3602 match coins. (Yes, it was a lot of work to laminate and put it together in the beginning, but it is a lot of fun to watch them go through these independently!)

First, they only work on pennies, and the TA or the teacher only pulls pennies from the coin storage. I chose not to use any distracters at this point. The next page I would use some. As the student gradually works through the book, more and more prompts are removed from the book and different coins are added to choose from.

IMG_3608On these pages, the students are to sort the coins: pennies on one side and anything silver on the other side.

I am hoping to create the same laminated sheets with the coin value on it. Same concept, just that instead of having the picture of the penny on it, I would want to have the coin with 1cent in it.

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