Career Readiness Curriculum

As teachers of students with moderate to severe disabilities, we wear many hats. We teach social skills, basic academics, functional life skills, and required core content. We are medically trained, work on speech/language skills, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. There is not much we do not do!

Another important ‘hat’ we wear is transition specialist. We prepare our students to be as independent as possible and get them ready for continued education, adult day centers, and of course the world of work. My students begin going out with the job coach during their sophomore year and continue until graduation. Typically, students only go to work one day per week for 1 – 3 hours their sophomore year. As the student grows, he or she will work multiple days per week to prepare for employment after graduation. Students participate in career interest inventories and multiple training sites to find the job that meets their needs and is enjoyable. The job coach keeps a daily account of the students performance. This documentation assists when working with the student to determine if the student needs to try a different job, review appropriate behavior, and share with outside agencies when preparing for the student to graduate.

There are also many skills that need to be addressed before entering the work force. Therefore, we have created a curriculum to assist teachers in preparing their students for jobs. Our Career Readiness Curriculum includes six different units on two levels. The units come with a pre/posttest and have at least seven lessons per unit. The units are:

  • A Job for Me

  • Applying for a Job

  • Personal Appearance and Behavior at Work

  • Keeping Your Job

  • Basic Work/Academic Skills

  • Job Safety



Preparing our students for life after high school is one of our most important jobs. What do you do in your classrooms for career preparation? Are you interested in learning more about our Career Readiness Curriculum? Check out this link on our webpage. We have also created a YouTube video to show more on the Career Readiness Curriculum!