Accommodations in the Regular Education Classroom

Accommodations in the Regular Education Classroom

This will be my first year as a co-department chair at the high school I started teaching in about a year ago. It has been a lot of fun getting to know the new district, their policies, and their procedures. I have learned a great deal from my amazing co-workers.

Because I am looking at things a little bit differently this year, I remembered that the district I worked in previously created some documents to have proof that their inclusion students were getting all of the accommodations listed in their IEP. As I want to ensure that we do everything we can at my new school, we have redesigned a new accommodations spreadsheet to keep track of accommodations used during the school year in the general education classrooms.




My plan is to instruct the TA’s on using these documents. It should not take very long at all to write down the letter and the number of the accommodation at the end of each lesson.

This will give the necessary proof that the accommodations listed in the IEP were given without a lot of hassle for the teacher or the TA. This document can then be filed away in the student’s IEP file.

Accommodations Checklist