Responsibilities and Duties of the Teaching Assistant

We all know that we, as special education teachers, would be totally lost without the teaching assistants (TA’s) in our classrooms. It is quite the struggle to create schedules and job duties for each one of them. The teaching assistants have to know what their duties and responsibilities are without the teacher having to tell them every single step of the way.

A well-structured classroom means well-trained and focused teaching assistants. To have the best start of the school year, we meet with our teaching assistants prior to the students’ arrival. We discuss incoming students and possible problems arising within the classroom setting.

We clearly state our expectations for the teaching assistants. In order to be able to hold them accountable, we have created a sheet of paper with the duties and responsibilities of teaching assistants. Most of the time, the TA’s sign the paper, and no one looks at it again. However, sometimes problems arise, and this sheet of paper aids in having a good conversation with the TA and remind him or her of his or her duties.

If you would like to have a copy of the paper, here is the link.

Responsibilities and Duties of a Teaching Assistant

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Works with individual students or small groups of students to reinforce learning of materials or skills introduced.

  • Monitors work, collects data for the purpose of progress monitoring of IEP goals.

  • Performs assigned supervision of students during lunch periods, play periods, and on community-based instruction trips.

  • Performs assigned, non-instructional classroom duties, such as snack time, toileting, and clothing routines.

  • Demonstrates ethical behavior and confidentiality of information about students in the school environment and community.


What do you do to get everybody on the same page? How do you handle conflict and disagreement?