SES Weekly Reading Subscription!

We asked ourselves, “What do we want to do to improve our students’ reading skills?” We came up with an answer.

SES Weekly Reading!

This new product is 36 weeks’ worth of reading lessons assisting in teaching CCSS and those much needed basics. Teachers will have a new story each week, for 36 weeks. Plus, a huge assortment of activities to go along with it.

Students will be able to read the story daily and complete the activity that the teacher feels is the most needed. Since the program comes with a minimum of 6 activities plus a set of extra activities to work on those basic concepts, the students will be able to do something new each day of the week based on one story!

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Want a sneak peak of the product? Check out this link.

Check out this link for additional information on the 36 week unit.

These reading activities are for students in elementary, middle, and high school settings. Each week comes with a new short story and a variety of activities to assist in teaching different CCSS. There will be a minimum of 6 different activities per week. Some of the activities are:

          1. Ask and Answer Questions

          2. Figurative Language

          3. Theme

          4. Inference

          5. Author’s Purpose

          6. Main Idea

          7. Structure of Text

          8. Characters

These activities are for skill maintenance. They are not developed for acquisition of the skill. (For acquisition, see our individual units in each area.)

The SES Weekly Reading Subscription also comes with extra activities to do in the classroom. These include:

          1. Monthly Calendar

          2. Comprehension

          3. Storyboard (sequencing)

          4. Story Writing

          5. Vocabulary